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​Our Kennel Staff
We are a fully insured, non-profit, ranch home based, pet boarding facility located on the south east side of Riverside County. We are on approximately 8 acres developed acres (23 total acres), which is divided into different yards to accommodate your pets personality and needs. Our staff consist of Me, the owner and general care- giver, 5 kennel staff, that  clean yards, feed, play and socialize with your pet, a part-time transporter and a on-call retired Vetinarian Technician. We are able to serve the general public who are struggling with a range of circumstances.  We can keep their pets temporarily and provide a warm loving home environment until they get settled and can take their pet back home. 


  Our primary goal is to serve the young men and women of the United States Armed forces who are away on military assignments or where they can’t take their pets. We also serve families who have been displaced due to current economic setbacks, have lost their homes and do not want to lose their pets . We are affordable and professional with decades of experience. We can board for a day, week, month or longer. 

.Our Story:  

  I retired after many years of being a Mental Health Clinician and a Breeder of Great Danes and German Shepards. I know weird combination, but you would be amazed what a 5 year-old abuse child will tell a Great Dane in a therapy session.

 I was living a quiet and clean existence in a home. One day I was at the store standing in the checkout stand, when I overheard a United States Airman on the phone, choking back tears. When he got off the phone I asked “Are you OK?” He explained that he was being deployed to Iraq for six months to a year and he was leaving in two weeks. He had three dogs that he loved dearly, his family and friends were in Alabama and were not able to care for his dogs while he was gone, He had spent the day checking out the local dog boarding facilities and found out that it was going to cost him $1700.00 a month to cage his pets, an extra $10.00 a day per dog to have them walked for 10 minutes and long term was considered a month. He had found a few other places, but they were also costly and wanted cash up front for the entire time he was going to be gone. 

 He did not have time to rehome them, taking them to the pound was not an option and paying $1700.00 a month or paying for a year up front, made care unaffordable. So he had decided to have his 3 best friends put down. So, I told him I would do it for as long as he needed and for a heck of a lot less and we could make month by month payment arrangements. Well,…………….he told someone…………. and they told someone and by the end of a couple of months we had 30 dogs of every shape and size, you can only imagine what my track home backyard looked like………. So I started looking for a home with some property………… so now I have a small modest home in the country side of Riverside County and a staff to help me. Our plans are now to build 6 more facilities throughout the United States by 2016.  We hire the disabled. 

  I am honored to care for pets that would have other-wise been put down due to a temporary situation by their owners.